Happy 80th Birthday, Grandma

Born on a farm in Denver, Pennsylvania, in 1941, Gloria Beard grew up idealizing shopping, Christmas, and going out to eat.

Now, 80 years later, she recounts life with her late husband, Bob, her time as a polka band groupie, and her never-ending love of Boehringer's restaurant in Lancaster County. 

Happy 80th birthday! 

7-foot Man: The Legacy of William Young

Following a successful basketball career, William Young was plagued by drug addiction and incarceration.

Now, almost four years clean, Young aims to make a difference in his community through work, church and the annual "William Young Vocational Development Camp."

Proud to call him "Pappy"

Clayton Reed has built over 65 homes in Berks County, most of them in his hometown of Fleetwood, Pennsylvania. 

At 81-years-old he still works daily in his shop and around town all while playing softball for a senior citizens league in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

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