Documentary Commissions

Oral History Films

An oral history video is a story told by someone recounting lived, often historical, experiences. 

Margo assists in storytelling, interviewing, videography, and editing. In many cases, one or two family members will also conduct interviews. 

All video packages include a 2-hour video interview. Edited videos will run include clips from your interview + family video footage.

Additional recommended components include:

- 2-3 days of event and daily life coverage

- Historical images + video footage 

-Music or audio

Unedited interview Footage: $550

4-minute family video + interview quotes starting at: $1050

8-minute family video + interview + professional footage quotes starting at: $1850

Documentary Photo Story

A documentary photo story takes place over an extended period of time and often documents change. Common themes include: 

- Life in family business

- Birth / Death

- Overcoming an obstacle such as injury / disability

Margo will assist in identifying a story arc and choosing events to best illustrate it. Together, you will choose three dates for photography, which will show both special events and daily-life moments that honor your legacy. 

The final images can be organized into a photo album with a text story, or delivered in a digital gallery. 

Digital Image quotes starting at $1300

Photo book quotes starting at $1850

A Day in the Life Photo Story

A “day-in-the-life” is a one-day project, which documents one moment in your family’s history. This session can take place for two hours at home, or during a 2-hour event. Family portraits are included. Common sessions include:

- A day at home 

- Parties / Picnics 

- Holidays

You will receive 100 pictures in a digital gallery, or you can design a photo book with captions.

Digital Image  quotes starting at $600

Photo book quotes starting at $1150


A portrait session is a formal, rehearsed series of images that capture your personality, professionalism, or creativity. 

Sessions are often booked for:

-  Editorial needs (publication in magazine or news)

- Professional headshots

- Family Pictures

- Personal documentation, growth, or empowerment

You will receive 25 pictures in a digital gallery.

Digital Image quotes starting at $325


Documentation of your wedding day with an emphasis on organic, unplanned moments. Packages range from 5-10 hours of coverage.

Photo and video services available.

Digital image Quotes starting at $2250.

Video quotes starting at $900.

Additional Services

Family portrait session

$325 / 30 images

Home Video VHS to Digital Transfer: 

$50  / 5 hours 

Film negatives / prints to digital transfer: 

$85 / 5 rolls or 36 prints

Event photography / Videography:

$600 / 2 hours

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